Anna Mrzyglod

My art, my way

Creativity is an enormously exhausting process. You may be technically well versed, your spirit needs to be free for inspiration. I am always trying to get the best out of me and to elicit from a piece of timber what really moves me. Even in the raw material I can see the creation of the new sculpture in front of my eyes, and I love the challenges the material poses to me in this process.
I don't like being tied to one material, which is also reflected in the diversity of my work.


Who I am

After graduating from high school at the A. Kenar Art School in Zakopane (2000), I further studied at the branch of the Silesian University in Katowize (2005) with a focus on sculptural work in wood.
Subsequently solo and group exhibitions in Europe, as well as several years presence in a Venlo gallery took place.
With the exception of the commissioned work, the sculptures are currently being created in my work shop in Düsseldorf.
In addition to the various works in wood, I regularly take part in large-scale illusion painting projects such as the big cat picture for the Servus TV station in Vienna in 2018, the Udo Jürgens portrait on Lake Wörthersee in 2018 or the 2019 Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida, USA.