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Coincidentia Oppositorium

Tryptych on the turmoil of a soul

2015-2016, Linden

The Big One

2015, Linden, 140x60

In the thematic treatise, these creatures revolve around the predefined gender role and it`s fulfillment.

doppelte Anna_edited.jpg

The Reclyning One

2015, Linden, 120x60

In addition to the typical carving of the wood, I change the appearance by subsequently burn some parts of the wood, which allows me to position the suffering of these poor souls more clearly.

The Standing One (Female)

2016, Linden, 90x50

Beauty in the imperfect, grace despite pain were the central tasks in my processings.

fot. Kamil K_edited.jpg

Coincidentia oppositorium


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